All about Golden Hour

Updated: 5 days ago

Golden hour is something you might hear photographers say or maybe see on Instagram or Pinterest and think what even is that?

Quite simply, it is the first hour of light after sunrise and the last hour of light before sunset. The time of both depends on the time of year as it varies and changes by season and where in the world you live. There are handy websites that can forecast this time for us to help with planning your session.

Photographing during golden hour will give you the most beautiful, soft, dreamy portraits. Sounds magical right? Thats because it really is. The light is lovely and flattering for portraits, and gives a warm glow, so if you can, I really recommend timing your outdoor session in golden hour or in the hour leading up to it.

Shooting in golden hour will help to avoid harsh bright light that casts shadows across faces, definitely not something anyone wants during a portrait session. Instead, the light is very flattering for portraits creating a soft back lit photograph showing you beautifully.

If you are an early riser like me, I will happily shoot your portrait session nice and early to catch the dreamy, fresh morning golden hour light as the sun rises in the sky. Equally, we can plan your shoot later in the day for the second golden hour as sunset draws in and bring the magic of golden hour to your portraits as both morning and evening golden hour are beautiful in their individual way.

If you are planning on printing your photos to display around your home (and I really think you should!) photographs taken during golden hour are beautiful to hang.

This family portrait session was taken back in late October, the warm glow and soft light shows really beautifully and comes to life in the photos. This shoot was taken at a gorgeous hidden gem in Murieston, West Lothian near my home. I love using locations like this, as you will see the golden hour light is beautiful coming through the trees and coming alive in the autumn leaves.

If you would like to book a family session with me please get in touch! I would love to photograph your family and create memories for you to hang beautifully around your home and look back on time and time again. You can view my portrait portfolio here.

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