5 ways to use Pinterest to plan your wedding.

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On my last blog post, I wrote about five different ways in which you can plan your wedding during lockdown. One of those ways was using Pinterest, so I thought this week I would go into this in a lot more detail because there is really so so much to be said for using Pinterest for wedding planning. If you don’t know what Pinterest is, where have you been! In wedding planning, it is one of the most useful, fantastic platforms ever. Ok not just in wedding planning, in basically all of life... its literally a dream world of wonderful and beautiful ideas for anything you can imagine. Cooking, baking, gardening, styling, decorating, design. It could go on and on. Have a look and you will see what I mean when you fall into the world of Pinterest and realise three hours into pinning. So here is how to plan your wedding using Pinterest!

1. Create specific boards for each of your wedding categories.

Pinterest now allows you to make a board as, say, a category or master board and then create sections within that category so you could, for example, create a master board all about Wedding Photography, and within that umbrella, list more specific categories showing ideas for the day. I will elaborate. So, you could have sections such as; morning preparation, to put together ideas of little moments you would love to capture with your bridal party getting ready. Another idea could be food, very important! and within that master board, have different sections like your wedding cake ideas, favours, canapés and evening buffet. You see what I mean. By creating and organising your boards in this way, you will be able to stay inspired and happily continue to pin and plan away while also being able to find your ideas when it comes to decision making with suppliers and trying to communicate your vision to someone else.

2. Create a dedicated wedding Pinterest account

If you are already a Pinterest addict like me and have lots of boards with lots of different ideas, I would suggest making a second account dedicated purely to wedding planning. This will keep your Pinterest streamlined, organised and easier to manage. You are able to create more than one account, in the app there is a function to switch accounts quite easily, so it is manageable to separate your existing Pinterest with a second one dedicated to all things wedding. Having one dedicated wedding account is easier to use when looking for new visual ideas, as the algorithm will show lots more visuals of the kind of things you are already looking at so you will get more and more of the same inspiring visuals you already love. So, if you are looking at lovely bright, airy wedding photos or gorgeous fairy lit rustic barn wedding receptions, or rose gold foil invitations, for example, more and more similar images will show up giving you more relevant ideas fitting your dream wedding style and vision.

3. Follow your wedding suppliers.

Following your chosen wedding suppliers will give you lots of inspiration and show you what inspires them and what they are pinning! I love using Pinterest to get inspired for wedding photography among many other things, and have lots of imagery pinned that I love and for others to re-pin for their own inspiration. I love to pin new, fresh ideas often, daily and see what wedding ideas, photography and otherwise, are trending on. Doing this will give you an idea of your suppliers style and what they like. You will also gain lots of new inspiring ideas through fresh eyes.

4. Share a Pinterest board with your wedding supplier.

I mentioned this in my blog post last week and I will say it again and elaborate a little more. By sharing a board with your wedding supplier, you are engaging and connecting with them and showing what inspires you, and what is important to you for your wedding. In the case of wedding photography, I definitely want to know what is important to my clients and what visuals inspire them so I can understand how to best serve them while staying true to my own photography style and approach. This could be detail shots of jewellery, flat lays of invitations and pretty items such as stamps and wax seals, or romantic couples’ portraits you love, bridal party group shots, images from the venue you have booked. The list can go on and on, and this shows just how much you can share with a supplier and how that can be mutually beneficial for both, them to know what is important to you for your big day and how to articulate those ideas and how to bring your vision to life.

5. Secret Boards.

This was a firm favourite for me while planning my own wedding. You can make certain boards secret so that only you can see them unless you decide otherwise. This is very helpful if you want to have a board dedicated to bridal party gifts, or speech ideas, or wedding surprises for the big day. You can keep your secret ideas here ready to be unveiled when the time is right on the big day!

So, there you have 5 ways to use pinterest effectively to help you plan your dream wedding day. I hope you have enjoyed reading this guide and found it helpful in planning your wedding day. Now get on Pinterest and make that wedding account! You can follow me on Pinterest here, feel free to pin away from my boards and invite me to share a board with you. What are you waiting for!

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