Updated: Jan 6

Sitting here about to write on my blog I can't believe it is August! This year has been very different but the most wonderful, exciting year of our lives. In January, my husband, Scott, and I welcomed our gorgeous baby boy, Noah, into the world. Now 7 months have flashed before my eyes since Noah arrived, and here I am thinking back to those days when he was the tiniest, little newborn.

He has been the dreamiest little baby we could have asked for, and has the sunniest, sweetest personality. He is a such a happy little chap and full of smiles for everyone, and my oh my is he cute (biased I know). It has been such a joy to watch him grow and develop over the past 7 months. Wow I can't believe my baby is 7 months old already! Way back in the blurry newborn bubble, I took some photos and I am so glad now that we have these to look back on and treasure forever.

Having taken some time to enjoy being with our little bundle, I started back taking photographs in the late spring and am now loving both motherhood and being back to work. I am more inspired than ever and have loved capturing some beautiful, really sweet moments this year showing him as a baby, which I will share soon, for now I'll share some squishy newborn photos of a teeny, tiny Noah.



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