Outdoor Family Photography

Updated: 5 days ago

When I photograph your family, I want to capture their gorgeous little personalities and character and a whole lot of love. This could be big cheeky smiles, hearty laughter, curiosity, wonder and mischief in their eyes. This is what is so lovely about outdoor family photography. It focuses on natural, real moments of you and your family together.

You don’t have to worry about your little ones not sitting still for a specific pose. It’s ok if they want to wander and explore. I can say with certainty that their natural smiles and real laughter will be better than a forced ‘cheese!” Let’s be real, most little ones don’t want to sit still for a camera, natural photography is absolutely the way to go to get the best out of them and let their personalities shine. I know this all rings true for my toddler!

Documenting your children as they grow, and change, is such an important thing to do. They grow so fast and aren’t little for very long. You will be so, so glad to have these precious, natural photographs of your family together every time you look at them.

In the spirit of natural family photography, for this post I photographed my own little boy, Noah, focusing on capturing him naturally and relaxed, going with the flow as he explored his surroundings. I may be biased... but wasn’t he a little star for me?! These photographs were taken near our home when we went for a walk on a lovely spring day. This is one of my favourite locations to photograph families in. The lighting is beautiful coming through the trees, and the backdrop of nature is lovely for a relaxed family session while children explore the woods.

I can’t wait to photograph your lovely little family and capture some cheeky little personalities on camera. You can view my portrait portfolio here and get in touch here, or send an email to hello@ljhortonphotography.com



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