5 reasons why you NEED an engagement shoot!

Updated: Jan 28

If you are recently engaged, HUGE congratulations to you both! What an exciting time you have ahead! As you delve into the wonderful world of wedding planning, Pinterest and suppliers you will find so many cool, creative ideas about all things wedding. One of those lovely things that you will see and hear about is the idea of an engagement shoot or pre-wedding shoot. You are probably thinking hmmm do we need that, or maybe, you are thinking do I even want that or maybe it hasn’t occurred to you at all.

So, what even is an engagement or pre-wedding shoot? Very simply, you will meet with your photographer for some gorgeous, newly engaged photos, or this can be done nearer to your wedding date. If you book this with me, we will meet somewhere lovely and picturesque, and go for a walk together and stop along the way at certain points for photos following the light. I am inspired by nature and lovely greenery, and soft, dreamy light so will follow this inspiration at your engagement shoot.

Now, here’s five reasons for you to have engagement shoot:

You’ll get to know your photographer

The number one reason for having engagement photos taken is that you will get to know your photographer, the person you have hired to capture your beautiful wedding day. Spending some time with your photographer in front of the camera ahead of your wedding is an invaluable experience as it allows you to get to know how they work and gives you a great opportunity to ask questions and share ideas you have. Maybe you have a Pinterest board of poses you would like to try out, this is your perfect chance to do this. Your photographer can also get to know you both a little better. As your wedding photographer, I want to get to know you both and all about your big day, and what is special to you, what is unique about it, what you really want to be captured. I’m not just your photographer, I’m there as your friend in the lead up to your wedding and on the day. I can fluff your dress and fix your hair, help you with bags, and make up touches through the day if you need it; I want you to feel comfortable around me and like you are in the company of a friend, because, well, you are. The more comfortable you are with me, the better your photos will turn out, trust me. Knowing your photographer a little better ahead of the wedding day allows you to break the ice and feel more relaxed. An engagement shoot allows you to do just that!

And speaking of relax…

A lot of engaged couples have little experience being in front of a camera and might even feel daunted by the idea. That's totally fine. An engagement shoot is a great practice ahead of the wedding to allow you to become more comfortable in front of the actual camera. For a lot of your wedding day you may not notice a camera is there depending on the style of the photographer you hire. In my case, I work mainly in a documentary approach capturing moments as they unfold, so you can relax and enjoy the day while I blend into the background as much as I can. When it comes to your couple portraits on the day, an engagement shoot is the perfect practice to help you relax and feel at ease with light direction. Then on your wedding day you can totally rock it knowing how amazing you look in front of the camera! Your wedding photographer wants you to feel this way and will do their best to help you feel comfortable because this will ultimately help in giving you the best photography experience possible.

Celebrate together

This is an opportunity for you two to celebrate your engagement together, and do something nice for just you two. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming at times, so it's nice to step back and do something relaxed and informal, just the two of you. Not to mention to have some beautiful memories and gorgeous photographs of you two before your wedding.

A preview before your wedding day

Another great reason is you will see finished photos of yourselves in your photographers’ style ahead of your wedding day. It can be hard to imagine what wedding photos of yourselves will look like, and if your dream wedding vision will come to life. An engagement session gives you images showing you both together in a practice ahead of your wedding in your photographers’ style. Not to mention you get lovely photos looking gorgeous and in your engagement bubble.

Fun Ideas for the Big Day

These photographs can be used for your Save the Date cards to post out to your guests, or for a fun signing board or guestbook at your wedding. If you are creating an Order of Service to use during your ceremony, these serve as gorgeous photos for this too! If you have ideas for making something like this to use on the dat tell your photographer, they will love to incorporate them. This is all about you two and what you want to get out of the session.

So that’s five reasons for an engagement shoot! Now for the super exciting news, when you book my Signature Wedding Collection, I include a complementary weekday engagement or pre-wedding shoot so you can enjoy all of the above!



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